Meet Laura

My passion for the beauty industry started at a very young age in my mother’s make-up drawers. I fell in love with all the colors and smells. I knew it was for me and when I was older it was the career I choose. I started my career 15 years ago as a door to door beauty consultant. It was when I worked for a big company managing a small natural skin care line that my passion for skin care really blossomed. The premise of the cosmetic line was that our skin is the best cosmetic you could own. It was a philosophy that has stayed with me and continues in my practice today. I love what I do. The close relationships I build with my clients are very rewarding and they are the reason I do this. My goal is to help you obtain your ideal beauty, whether it’s a beautiful complexion, elegant make-up or bare skin.

I am an Aveda trained esthetician and have been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. The majority of my experience is in skin care working with some of the top skin care brands in the cosmetic industry.

I am an expert sugarists with over 6+ years experience. I am a sugaring instructor as well, teaching the art of sugaring to fellow estheticians all over Oregon.

I am a professionally trained make-up artist with training from MAC, James Ryder, and other top cosmetic labels.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!


Meet Kayla

I feel fortunate to find myself where I am at today and of all places, here in Portland. When I was young I moved a lot and my dreams were always changing but one dream has never changed:  To help promote my passion and curiosity for the beauty I see in all people. With each new town came a change in make-up, or a new hair color but experiencing the diversity of the others around me I have found that I want to share the beauty I see with you.

After attending Regency Beauty Institute in Ohio, I started at a local salon and spa where I applied my skills and passion mostly towards hair for 2 years. Through curiosity and opportunities during that time, I enjoyed any chance I could to get my hands on skin care or make up. I was lucky to use products like Aveda  and Bare Essentials. Once understanding these products from inspiring educators, I realized I had a chance to apply a philosophy that I myself believe in. I am enlightened by the idea that I can use my compassion and knowledge to help every person feel truly beautiful from your make up to the skin you’re in.

Having the chance to discover and complement the unique beauty that makes you yourself, is what makes me love the skin I’m in.

I look forward to working with you to build strong relationships and better confidence.