Sugaring Basics Class


Sugaring Basics Class


This one-day course covers everything you need to start sugaring legs, face, and under arms. While we will go over sugaring theory, 90% of the course is dedicated hands-on training. 4-hour minimum class duration*

● The History of Sugaring

● Refresher in Hair Cycles

● Contraindications for Sugaring

● Hands-On Legs, Face, Under Arms

● Business Tools

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Certification Courses

Laura is a Sweet and True Sugaring Co. certified instructor in the heart of the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. Upon

completing the course, practicing professionals will receive their Sweet and True Sugaring Co. sugaring certificate that same

day. Current esthetician students will receive their certificate once they attain licensing from the state they will be practicing.

Are you interested in expanding your wheelhouse with a certificate in sugaring? With sugaring growing in popularity, it’s the

perfect time to get certified! If you are a student or licensed esthetician looking to provide this highly sought-after service, we

offer two comprehensive courses to get you started.