Sugaring 101, The Basics with Myra

We have very special guest trainer coming from California for our March 25th training. Everyone meet Myra!!!

For almost 20 years, Myra Aviles has been entrusted by her clients with the rejuvenation of their faces, bodies, and souls. Through years of experience and learning the ins and outs of the skincare industry, she has gained priceless knowledge of how to set herself apart from the rest.

She is a Licensed Master Esthetician and Professional Sugaring Educator with Sweet and True Sugaring.

As one of the first to be Certified in The Art of Body Sugaring in the U.S. in 2003, she has perfected this technique. Her forever grateful & loyal clients have loved this ancient, gentle form of hair removal being introduced to them. She has traveled across the country certifying top spas whose businesses have thrived after adding Sugaring to their service menu.

Specializing in Sugaring Hair Removal & Education, her mission is to help clients feel their best with natural healing remedies and educate as many licensed professionals as possible to help them achieve sweet success and spread the love of Sugaring. Her extensive industry knowledge and networking abilities brings tremendous value to the classroom environment as well as continued support thereafter. Once you join Sweet and True's elite team of Sugarists, she is always by your side along with her exceptional associate educators & unparalleled customer service team.

In an profession with so many options and ever evolving treatments available, Myra is an industry leader and trusted advocate for all your skincare and hair removal needs. She is known and respected as a dedicated mother of 3, a healing and progressive esthetician, an exceptional educator, an inspirational entrepreneur and a true friend.

My Sweetest Regards,
Myra Avile